I am incredibly blessed to have three careers that I absolutely love; yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, and jewelry artisan. And how amazing it is that they compliment one another so beautifully!

I stumbled upon these paths at different times in my life, seeking ways in which to heal from deep wounds. Beading was my first discovery in my early 20’s. It was an amazing way for me to express my creativity and to fill my heart with more happiness. It was and is one of my meditations. Life stepped in and jewelry came and went at various times. It was something that I always fell back to for a period of time … then it would slip away again. I am thrilled to have it back in my life for good.

I have always been highly intuitive and sensitive to energy, so working with stones came naturally to me. I am able to feel the magic in each stone and easily tune into the energetic qualities and healing properties of the stones, giving me the opportunity to create pieces that are powerful, calming, transformative and grounding. The idea of making jewelry for others to experience that magic is breathtaking.

Yoga was my next discovery. The time on my mat offered solace and became something I quickly discovered I did not want to live without. At some point in my practice, I realized I wanted to share the gifts that the practice offered, and teaching became my next path. It seemed perfectly natural to merge my love of stones, meditation and jewelry into designing and creating malas.

Over the years and participating in continuing education in yoga, I was exposed to the world of Reiki, which was instant love for me. I was fortunate to find a Reiki teacher that I love and have been able to continue my training to the advanced level of Reiki with her. Again, what a perfect way to bring it all together.

Sourcing hand cut stones from India, I prioritize attention to detail in the process of creating her artisanal jewelry. Every piece I create is handmade with love, blessed with reiki energy, and finished with gratitude. I am known for my custom-made, one-of-a-kind Malas, designed to support the individual needs of each person who wears them.

Featuring both everyday staples and special occasion pieces, my versatile collection provides a stylish accessory to any look. The designs range from minimalist and feminine, to classic, bold and bohemian. To ensure an authentic, elegant product, each creation is assembled with only the finest materials, including: genuine semi precious/ precious stones, 14k gold filled, 14k gold, sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver and/or rhodium plated sterling silver.

Thank you for being a part of my path and for allowing me to be a small part of yours.

With love and gratitude,
Risa Albertson

Behind the scenes with Risa